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About Our Program

“Fine line tattooing uses small [round liner needles, typically a 7RL and smaller]…to create a thin, delicate, intricate tattoo design evoking fine artwork and paintings on the skin using black and grey and [sometimes] color tattoo ink [with no shading].” These tattoos will be no larger than a baseball. (Atelier Eva)

In this course, you will learn tattooing skills of a technical line artist such as needle depth, needle theory, tattoo and body placement, basic drawing skills, and how to execute a fine line tattoo from tray setup to tear down. By the end of this course, you will know the difference between a technical line artist, a tattoo artist, and a permanent makeup artist.

This course is designed to be an introduction to tattoo artitry. This isn’t a full tattoo artistry course. If you are looking to become a tattoo artist, please refer to our Standard Tattoo School program and know you are able to upgrade at anytime.

This course will not teach you about tattoo cover ups and will go into detail in how to best direct your client in these situations.

  • Safe, welcoming, and hygienic tattoo facility
  • Committed to helping you find the right career path
  • Flexible schedules and teaching methods
  • Hands-on experience

Call or text us to schedule a meet-and-greet with our instructor!

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What’s Our Goal?

Our goal is to change the tattoo industry for the better and remove the negative stigma that surrounds it. We take pride in having a safe, sterile environment where anyone can feel welcome.

We only want the best learning experience for our students. Our instructors will work with you, get to know you, and implement the best teaching practices to ensure you get the most out of your tattoo education.

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Getting Started

Step 1

Formal Interview and Tour with Our Instructor

Text or call us at (501) 218-4204 to schedule a formal interview with our instructor. The purpose of this interview is to discuss the expectations of us as a school, and you as a student.

You are welcome to bring example artwork or a portfolio if you have one.

Text (501) 218-4204 to Schedule a Tour Fill Out Enrollment Form Pay Application Fee

Step 2

Apply for Financing if Needed

Submit this form to apply for financing. The application fee must be paid before submitting this information.

  • In-House Financing: $9,500 split into two payments. First half is due the date you start school, the second half is due 15 weeks from the start date.
  • 3rd Party Financing: $950 down due the date of orientation. The rest can be financed for 30 months. No one is denied for financing, but credit score determines interest.
Apply for Financing

Step 3

Bloodborne Pathogen Certification

The bloodborne pathogens course shall be a minimum of two (2) hours of instruction. Online cost is $9.95. You can choose your own training provider or get certified by the provider listed below. Once completed, please email the certificate to [email protected] or screenshot and text it to 501-500-1343 (this is a text-only line and cannot receive phone calls.)

Get Certified

Step 4

Body Art Written Exam

The applicant shall successfully complete a Body Art written exam based on the Arkansas Department of Health Laws and Rules Pertaining to Permanent Cosmetics, along with other topics pertaining to the field at the end of the education. Arkansas Department of Health will send the exam link via email once all the enrollment items are received. There is a $50 non-refundable exam fee due prior to taking the exam.

See the study material below. For “Laws”, only study pages 18-25. Stop at 17-26-701 for the Body Art/Piercing portion.

Rules Laws

Step 5

Attend Your First Day

After the Body Art Exam is passed, contact the school to get a start date in place.

Step 6

Post-Enrollment and Post-Training

At the end of the training period, the Artist In-Training will register for the practical exam in their field(s) of study to be performed at the approved State training facility. Your Body Art License will be issued upon successfully completing both the written and practical exam. There is a non-refundable $100 initial license fee required to be paid at the time the application is submitted.

Practical Exam – The applicant shall complete a practical exam that will be proctored by a Health Department Examiner at the School.

A Clean Facility

We take safety seriously, and all our artists are trained on bloodborne pathogens as well as sterilization procedures to ensure the protection of the canvas and the artist throughout every tattoo or body piercing session. We strive to exceed industry standards.

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Helping You Find Your Career Path

We’re committed to helping you find the perfect career in tattooing and body piercing. We care about what direction will best suit your needs, so we’ll work with you closely during this process of finding out how our studio can provide an excellent experience for students like yourself!

After you graduate, you don’t have to work at ATPI and have the option to work at other studios if you decide to. You’re not locked in, and we’ll work with you to find the best fit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tattoo & Body Piercing Education Programs

  • How does the program work for new students?
    1. Attend an informal meeting with our instructor, John. (Only for tattoo students)
    2. Fill out the enrollment form.
    3. Pay a $100 application fee.
    4. Fill out our credit application for financing. (If applicable)
    5. Bloodborne Pathogen Certification – The bloodborne pathogens course shall be a minimum of two (2) hours of instruction. Online cost is $9.95. Once completed, please email the certificate to [email protected] or screenshot and text it to 501-500-1343 (this is a text-only line and cannot receive phone calls.)
    6. Pay $50 to take the Apprentice Test. Once the apprentice test is passed, you can talk with our instructor about a start date.
  • What would my schedule look like?

    Our tattoo and body piercing programs are flexible. There is a minimum of 8 hours per week for the tattoo program, anytime Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Piercing requires a minimum of 8 hours per week, but Fridays are mandatory from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

  • When I start, do I immediately start my education?

    Yes! All time spent at the school is for growth and learning, not fetching coffee for instructors or cleaning the bathrooms. No hazing here!

  • Will there be in-person training?

    Yes! The online courses take care of the fundamentals. The hands-on training with an instructor will be done as you complete the online courses simultaneously.

  • How much do the programs cost?

    The tattoo program is $9500 and the piercing program is $8500.

  • How long are the programs?

    375 hours. Graduate in as little as 6 months. Most students finish within 6-12 months. The program must be completed within 24 months.

  • Do you offer financing?

    Yes! We partner with TFC for our financing. $950 down is required for the tattoo program and $850 is required for the piercing program. The rest is financed for 30 months. Bad credit doesn’t disqualify you.

  • Are there any prerequisites?
    1. 18+ years of age
    2. Valid Government Issued-ID
    3. High School Diploma, GED, or Equivalent
  • What does the graduation process look like?

    Once the program is complete, the student pays $100 to the Arkansas Department of Health, along with submitting their license application. Once this is received, ADH schedules a date/time to come to the school and administer the practical.

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